• Product Range
    Product Range
    ELO product range includes hundreds of different
    products in 24 different product groups.
  • Oil Pressure Switches
    Oil Pressure Switches
    ELO is the only local producer of Oil Pressure Switches in Turkey. ELO Oil Pressure Switches are produced in various types which include single knurled nuts with single terminal, with double terminal, with socket, with bajonet, with cable, with and without insolation.
    • Anasayfa ürün 1
    • Anasayfa Ürün 2
    • Anasayfa Ürün 3

      ELO has become the first choice for millions of Turkish consumers in its 36 years of journey.  Over 50% of its production is distributed to 27 different countries including Germany, Netherlands, Finland, USA, Spain and Australia. Today, ELO is a Turkish producer which exceeds global frontiers.